Bookish Design is a small but elastic
graphic design studio specializing
in the conveyance of narrative.
(Mostly, we like it when things tell stories.)

  • who is bookish?

    Mostly, it’s me, Alvaro, working from an office in Oakland, CA, where I respond to the demands of every new design challenge by myself, or by building a team of collaborating editors, proofreaders, coders, illustrators, photographers, or whomever the project calls on to succeed.

  • what is bookish?

    Bookish Design is the accumulated experience of a designer who never set out to be a designer, but discovered a natural and comfortable place in design at the intersection of his life-long interests: narrative, culture, education, vision, composition, color, shape, and problem solving.

  • how is bookish?

    Bookish is not afraid. Not of color, not of black and white. Not of huge, not of dainty. Bookish explores, just as much as it values tradition. Bookish has strong opinions and an urge for dialogue to see if they hold up. And to glue it all together, Bookish has a sense of humor.

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