publisher: 826 Books

type: Comprehensive book project, involved in writing stage, led editing sessions, designed, produced, and coordinated printing

spec notes: Large-trim, one-piece printed hard cover, 256 pages, printed 4c/2c

awards: 2007 Moonbeam Spirit Childhood Wellness Award for Children’s Literature

56 short stories for young kids, each written by a high school student as part of an 826 Valencia young authors project, every story illustrated by a volunteer artist with one large piece and one spot illustration, and edited by volunteer tutor-editors working side by side with the authors, this book is a tour de educational force. Likewise for Bookish Design, both in design and project management, who found the volunteer artists to work with the students, coordinated meetings between illustrators and authors, coordinated and directed the editorial committee of students and editors, designed the book, directed art toward book use, carried out the full layout strategically placing art on pages so that the book could print 4c/2c (4 colors on one side of the printer sheet and 2 colors only on the other side, which when folded and gathered as pages shows as a seamless full-color book), found and coordinated a printer in Singapore, coordinated shipping and customs, and managed distribution to national bookstores. One of our favorite books ever.