publisher: McSweeney’s / The Believer

type: Magazine Cover

spec notes: 10-issues a year; 8 issues in the traditional Believer grid with 4 portraits by Charles Burns, plus 2 special issues with one full-cover illustration with diecut showing a CD or DVD behind it. Usually printed in CMYK on uncoated stock, with some stamped foil, spot colors, or metallics for special issues

As of January 2014, we’re approaching the 100th issue of the Believer with Bookish Design’s work on the cover. If the Beatles had the Cavern to learn the ins and outs of the perfect pop song, Bookish Design has had the Believer to hone its typographic sensibilities, and, especially, color, color combination, and definition of space through color. Not that it’s exactly appropriate praise, but all this chromatic exploration did lead Andrew Leland, first and longest-tenured managing editor of the Believer, to proclaim: “Alvaro owns the f*cking rainbow.”

Above are some of our favorites over the past 10 years.